How to Use iMessage on Android Phone


Looking for iMessage for Android Application? Here in this tutorial we have show how you can quickly download and install iMessage right on your Android Phone. We have many choices when we have to download an app on our smartphone. Whether you have an Android device or iOS device, you can get the app from play store or app store respectively. If we talk about messaging app, then there are again many apps are available to get on your device, but one of the best apps is iMessage.  iMessage is an app from Apple for the iOS device, but one can get iMessage on PC or Android device. And we are here with the same topic that is how to get iMessage on android or pc.

Dowload and Install iMessage for Android


iMessage Android

Some apps built for some specific platforms only and iMessage is one of those messaging apps that constructed natively for iOS and Mac platform. But, the app is excellent so that it can’t stop android user to get it on the device even though there are plenty of options available.

Why is this app in so much demand? The answer is it can easily share the files, videos, images and text messages. And another reason is if your friend is using iPhone or Mac then you don’t have any other option to connect via other cross-platform apps in iMessage. So it is best to get the app on your Android device. But is it possible? Yes, it is. Here are the ways to get the iMessage on your android device.

How To Download iMessage For Android Device?

After reading this much of article, you might know that this app is not officially available for Android users. But still, many other apps make sure that you will get the same experience as iMessage app.

Do not confuse to choose the right one, here we have provided you the best version of iMessage for Android. Even you can download the APK file also.

Sometimes the user of app faces many problems whether you are using it on Android and iOS device. The most common error is iMessage activation error. And the troubleshooting steps are here:

  • This error occurs due to inappropriate starting during installation of the app in the device. So first check your internet connection and make sure your data pack has sufficient amount of balance to run iMessage app for Android.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, then check it is connected or not.
  • Another problem is the time zone of your device. If it is not set correctly, then it may cause the error. Set the proper time zone and again try to use iMessage Android APK.
  • Switched off the app and again switched on after some time.
  • Sometimes it takes up to 2h hours, so even after following the above steps it may not work properly then wait till 24 hours.

Enable iMessage On Android:

First, you have to allow the iMessage APK for Android on your device; otherwise, you can’t use it. To allow it, follow the steps given below:

  • Open settings and go to Messages and inside it choose iMessage
  • Turn on iMessage for your device.
  • Tap on the “Send & Receive” option to sync the email and phone number.
  • Choose the email or phone number to enable.

Now you can enjoy the iMessage on Android device with all email access and phone number.


It is all about the iMessage app for Android. We hope you like the information that we have shared here. In case of any confusion, use the comment box below to ask. Thank you!

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