– 192.168.01 Router Login Password

Advertisements or 192.168.01? Sounds like familiar, right!If you are using a WI-FI router, then you come across this number. It is an IP address of the router. It is a vital combination, and if you ever forget your login password, you can reset it again by this IP address. Let’s see how to use this IP address for a login password.

What is & 192.168.01?

Networking devices like routers and modems use the default IP address, which is or https://192.168.01.

IP is a short from Internet Protocol. It’s a digital address which helps the machines to identify your location. There are two types of IP addresses. One is IP4, and the other one is IP6. IP4 is generally used for routers. It includes numeric, and dots as a syntax like you notice in or 192.168.01. However, IP6 uses alphanumeric and dots as a syntax. is a prefixed IP address of all routers. Through this IP address, the devices are connected to the internet. The IP address can be private and public. is a private IP address. The routers from companies like D- link, TP-link, and Net gear uses this number as a default IP address.

If you forget the account username or password, you can take the internet’s help and try the different password given on the internet for the routers, and when it accepts any of that, you can reset your password. Keep your password with a combination of alphanumeric and symbols. So, no one can hack it and write it down somewhere, so you can’t forget it again.

How To Use

Before installation, routers have to be configured. It would help if you connected the routers or modem with the Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is also called as LAN cable. After connecting the device with ethernet wire, you need to write the router’s IP address, which can be:// or https:// 192.168.01.

Some companies can also have different IP addresses like 192.168.1. 254. You can find the exact IP address on the router’s box, or if it is not there, contact the manufacturing company. You can call on the manufacturer’s customer care number and directly ask for the default username and password.

In most routers and modems, the IP address is the same as the number above. Once you write this IP address in your browse, you can see the home page, which requires the username and password to get into the admin page. Y

ou have to find out the default username and password of the router or modem which you have. If you don’t know, you can search on google for it. Once you enter the login credentials, you will find out that there are many options and features accessible to you. You can now monitor the download and uploading speed of your internet connection and block a specific site.

There are options like Mac address, change login Id and password, parental controls, and bandwidth control. You can adequately monitor and modify your internet connection once you find out about the default username and password.

In the below table, you will find the most common username and password of the networking devices like modems and routers.

Router company IP Address Username Password
D- link admin password
TP-link admin admin/password
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin admin/password


TP-Link Router :

Connect the TP-link router to your laptop or computer with the help of RJ45 cable. RJ45 cable is an ethernet cable used for the physical connection of devices for network and internet sharing. The interface standard is 45. You can easily find this store online at an affordable price.

After establishing this connection, you need to open a web browser and type into the URL bar, and you will see a small window. You have to type username and password to enter the main page. You can find the common id password in the table, as mentioned above.

Now, you can easily change the wireless settings and advanced options. The process is quite simple after knowing the default id and password of routers and modems.


Netgear Router:

Netgear routers have as a default IP address. You have to make a connection between router and computer by ethernet cable. Type into your browser and log in to the portal by providing username and password. There are many basic and advanced settings you can modify from the admin page.

Why doesn’t work?

If your internet connection is not proper or the Ethernet wire is broken, then the router’s home page will not appear by typing Changing your connecting cable is the best idea to solve this problem.

Even after changing the cable, it is still not working, call the internet service provider. The process to reset the router is very simple and will take no time. You can even ask a service provider to teach you on call and catch it within seconds.

Troubleshooting Steps For Not Remembering Username/Password:

You require a username and password to modify the settings of the router. If you forget it, don’t worry. You have to reset the router. Every router has the reset button, finds it, and press the button until all LEDs blink simultaneously. You can log in to the home page router by using the default username and password from the given table.

Change the password: Go to settings >> administration and type the new password and retype to confirm, save the settings in the last. Your router password has been changed.


Routers and modems are a handy tool to access the internet. His devices can do the wireless and Ethernet, both types of networking. The IP address is essential to change or reset any router or modem because it will redirect you to the router’s home website.

It is effortless to change the change username and password, even though you forget the original one. Just follow the steps mentioned in the article. In case of any query or doubt, the comment section is all yours.

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