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Want to know the fact about FaceTime for Android App??? If Yes, then this is the right place to know the fact and steps to download FaceTime for Android.

This article is especially for Android users who want to use FaceTime app in their devices. In this article, we will tell you about the latest updates, upcoming plans and some of the prominent features about FaceTime for Android.

As you already know, FaceTime is an excellent and very efficient communication app. With the help of the FaceTime app, you can easily connect with other users through video calls, voice calls, and text messages. FaceTime app was initially made for iOS devices and later for Windows PC. Now its query for many people whether it is available for Android or not. To know about this, stay connected with this article.

FaceTime for Android


Can You Get FaceTime for Android

There is no doubt that FaceTime is available for various platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows, etc. But this information may disappoint you that it is not available for Android devices at present. It may be unfortunate news for many people but it is what it is. Now, many questions will appear in your mind like why it’s not there, when will it become available on Android, what will they feature in the Android version and many more like these. Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered as you go through this article completely.

First of all, let me tell you that FaceTime is an official application launched by Apple only for its devices. That’s the main reason behind the non-availability of FaceTime in Android. In this way, it can be only downloaded from the iTunes App Store and not from the Google Play Store.

FaceTime for Android Hack

Thousands of people and hundreds of websites claim that they can provide FaceTime app for android phones. Never get caught in their scheme or offers as they are scams every single time. They will provide you with a download link and ask you to proceed with that link. Instead of the FaceTime application, it will download corrupt files or dangerous malware. These files are malicious to your system and can affect the device very badly. Hence, stay far away from these types of things until there is an official update about the FaceTime app for android. Till then, we must suggest you adopt an alternative to facetime for android which we will discuss later in this article.

Features of FaceTime for Android Phone

Our sources have said that the developers are designing FaceTime for Android phone. So, you don’t have to worry but all you have to do is wait for some time until it is launched for the Android platform.

It is for sure that the Android version will have all the features which are present already in the iOS version. In addition to those, there will be some other new features also to make it more effective and powerful. Let’s have a quick look at those salient features of FaceTime on Android apk.

  • Simple and easy to manage for video calling, voice calling, texting and chatting
  • Video calls ensure the real-time interactive experience through smartphones
  • Compatible with both rear and front cameras of the phone
  • Provides you with the best possible video resolution
  • PiP image feature while video calling to adjust yourself for better communication
  • Mute feature is also there, for places with noisy environment and disturbances
  • Completely free to unlimited calls and messages

These are some of the fundamental features in the upcoming FaceTime app for Android OS. We again warn you about the fake FaceTime apps to stay safe from cyber attacks.

Apps like FaceTime for Android

Most of you may find apps named FaceTime or similar names that may be confused with the official FaceTime. For your information, these apps are fake and never support Apple FaceTime.  You can make simple video calls with these apps but in addition, they may infect your system with viruses and malware.

Therefore, until it becomes officially available for Android users, we must suggest some other options as good as the FaceTime app. There may be some differences in the features or layout but the basic requirements will be fulfilled completely. It should be just present in both the devices of communicators. Those apps are as follows:

    • Google Hangouts: Apart from video calling with only one person, users can connect with multiple users at a single time through video conferencing. This application is available for both iOS and Android users. PC users can also use this through their web browser.
    • Skype: This is the most popular and the very first video calling app which was owned by Microsoft. It is indeed laudable to maintain constant momentum in its position and in its work.
    • Google Duo: It is yet another wonderful app for person to person video calling services. Google Duo is also available for iOS and Android devices. This app allows connecting over Wifi or cellular data networks.
    • Facebook Messenger: Most of us are already known to this feature provided by Facebook Messenger. Unlike Skype, this is used mostly for informal conversations whereas Skype is mainly used in formal situations. It is also compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    • Viber: Viber was initially famous for text messaging and audio messaging. Later on, the developers of Viber added this feature of video calling to make it more efficient. Its best part is having a simple and intuitive user interface structure.
    • WeChat: WeChat can also be used as an alternative for the FaceTime app in your Android device. At present, it has more than 100 million users from all over the world. You can enjoy some additional features like group chats, stickers and emojis while using it.

Verdict :

I hope you get the required information through this article. We told you about the unavailability of FaceTime on the Google Play Store and on any other Android-based platform. In this article, we also gave you explicit knowledge about the upcoming version and its major features. In the end, we gave you some of the best options to choose for video calling until FaceTime is launched for Android users.

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