What Is CTF Loader? How to Fix CTF Loader Errors


We have listed all information related to CTF Loader and fix for CTF Loader errors. Go through this post and find the troubleshooting steps for CTF Loader associated errors and solve the problem within no time.

Many times our system causes trouble and slow down without any reason. When we open Task manager to solve the situation, we found nothing. But you have seen a process running titled “CTF Loader” or “ctfmon.exe.” Most of the time, this process does not cause any problem in the system. But in the rare case, it slows down your pc or laptop.

If in case you are wondering what CTF loader is and how to solve errors related to CTF loader, here we are with all the answers. After reading this post, you can disable/ fix those errors, and your system runs smoothly. Before going to the fixes section, let me give you an idea about CTF Loader.

Fixing CTF Loader


What is CTF Loader?

CTF Loader usually does not harm, but when it comes to a solution, we first have to know precisely what it is. In CTF, loader CTF stands for the Collaborative Translation Framework. It handles and supports voice recognition and handwriting in Microsoft programs. When you use Microsoft office, you can see this program is running in the task manager.

Most of the time, we ignore it as it does not cost any troubles. But if in case it is hogging your computer, you must have to look into it to find out what thing is causing the problem.

Also, check the program you are running that does not depend on the CTF loader controller. Maybe your system has virus masked as CTF Loader or ctfmon.exe.

Fixes For CTF Loader Problems: Step By Step Guide

Here in this section, I have shared a few methods and steps as fixes for CTF Loader-related problems, and here we go.

Method 1: Disable touch keyboard and Handwriting services

First, we try to basic fix to stop CTF Loader. Here we disable touch keyboard and handwriting service. The steps are simple. Look at it.

Step 1:

  • Press Windows key and R together from the keyboard. It will open run command.

Step 2:

  • In the search bar of run windows, type services.msc and press enter.

Step 3:

  • Now you can see a new window of services. Scroll down and search for the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service option.

Step 4:

  • Double click on the option and click on Startup Type and then choose Disabled option.

Step 5:

  • Save the changes and close the window.
  • Restart your pc and check the problem is solved or not. If it still happens, you can try the next method.

Method 2: Delete the Executable

If you are facing constant CTF loader error, you can try this method. Note that if you are using handwriting or voice recognition software, it harms your system. Here are the steps to delete the CTF Loader Executable.

Most of the time the executable system 32folder located at this location: C:\Windows\System32

Step 1:

  • Please navigate to the system 32folder and open it.

Step 2:

  • Now search for ctfmon.exe in it.

Step 3:

  • Right-click on it and choose the delete option.

If you are relying on handwriting and voice recognition tools, do not try this method.

Method 3: Control ctfmon.exe with Task Scheduler

Using this fix, you can control ctfmon.exe if you are using it.  It means any CTF related error won’t run if you are not using it. You can control when to use ctfmon.exe or not using the windows task scheduler. The setup is quite easy. Steps are here, have a look at it.

Step 1:

  • Press windows plus R keys together and open run menu.

Step 2:

  • Now, in run’s a search bar, enter taskschd.msc command and press enter.

Step 3:

  • It will open the Task Schedule Library. Navigate to the Microsoft >> Windows>>TextServicesFramework.

Step 4:

  • Next click on MSCTFMonitor>> Disable. Save the changes.

In this way, you can easily disable ctfmon.exe. Note that there is a difference between delete and disable. You can reenable it any time in the same way without actually deleting it. Whenever you want to use it again, just reenable it.

Remember, many times; viruses enter into your system as ctfmon.exe or CTF Loader. You can’t bifurcate it, so we recommend you to run antivirus or windows defender to catch all viruses before it harms your system.


It is all about CTF loader and fixes related to CTF loader issues. Try it, and if you still don’t get a solution, leave the problem in the comment section. We will try to help you as much as possible.

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