Best iOS Emulators for Windows | Run iPhone Apps on PC

Best iOS emulators to run iPhone and iPad Apps on Windows PC and Mac. Test the Apps for Apple App Store with these best emulators for your laptop.

What is an Emulator?

Apple iOS is the best mobile operating system used for various iPhone and iPad devices. The Apple iPhone is the extremely expensive mobile phone that most of the Apple lovers adore purchasing. Likewise Android, iOS also provides innumerable apps and games to download on mobile phones. But, you might not find countless apps, games and other stuff on iOS like Android. However, there are several essential apps available on the iOS mobile platform.

In order to use Android apps on Windows PC, we make use of Bluestacks Android Emulator. In a similar way, to use iOS apps on a PC or Android device, you need to have Free iOS emulator. Have you ever heard of iPhone Emulator? Before using the iOS emulator, you need to understand about the iOS Emulator and what exactly we use it for. If not, you can learn everything about the iOS emulator beneficial for PC. In this post, we have explained about the best free and Paid iOS Emulator for PC. We have come up with a massive list of the topmost iOS Emulator For Windows Have a look!

Benefits of iOS Emulator for PC

There are numerous advantages of using iPad Emulator for PC and laptop. Check out the list of the best uses of iPad Emulators for Windows devices.

  • The major benefit of using iPad Emulator on Windows PC is that it is absolutely for free of charge.
  • An iOS emulator for PC can be functioned on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Android.
  • With these iOS emulators, the app developers can test various apps and programs with much ease.
  • There is a possibility of upgrading these emulators through SDK [Software Development Kit].
  • The iOS emulators are user-friendly so that one need not struggle while installing and using this software.

Best iOS Emulators | Run iPhone Apps on PC

An iPhone Emulator is just like a guest that lets the users run various iOS apps and games on Windows PC or other Android devices. Using this emulator, you can easily run various apps on your computer, a laptop without any difficulty.

You can even test some of the apps at developing stage using this iOS Emulator. Some other free iOS emulators for PC include MobiOne Studio, Smartface, iPhone Simulator, AIR iPhone and much more. Here is a list of the most popular and 16 best iOS Emulators for Windows PC:

  1. iPadian

There are several iOS emulators available in the market. Among various emulators, iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators for your Windows PC. This emulator also works on Windows 10 operating system.

Download iPadian for Windows

Features of iPadian

  • You can also run this iOS emulator on two different devices having a similar
  • Using this app, you can also check out some problems in your undeveloped app.
  • The users can use both free as well as the paid version of iPadian on their Windows PC.
  • This software has an impressive user interface with the best compatibility for different apps.
  • It is undoubtedly one of the topmost paid iOS emulators for PC.


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  1. Smartface

Smartface is another best iOS emulator for PC especially available for all the Windows PC users. This iOS emulator offers a plethora of beneficial features to all the users of the Windows platform. Some of them have been listed below:

smartface emulator

Features of Smartface

  • The Smartface software is a mobility management platform that reduces the cost and provides the best outcome.
  • It eventually eradicates the dependence and renders the best mobility solutions in a less span of time.
  • It has the ability to offer complete debugging options for various iOS apps.
  • This helps the users to function various apps on the iOS platform with much ease.
  • Another excellent feature on Smartface iOS Emulator is to provide support for plugins so as to expand its apps comprising of JavaScript and more.

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  1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is another best iOS emulator for Windows that lets the users operate various iOS games and apps on your Windows PC. This software works perfectly on various cross-platform mobile apps on a Windows device. The apps of MobiOne Studio are developed on HTML 5 hybrid app model using an open source framework. Some of the capabilities of MobiOne Studio are listed below:

Features of MobiOne Studio

  • MobiOne Studio renders advanced compatibility to the developers.
  • This software is pretty much simple to use even for naive
  • One can use this software to share apps, web app links via email and much more.

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  1. iPhone Simulator

Among copious iOS emulators available on the web, iPhone Simulator has a unique position. This free iOS emulator provides an excellent iPhone user interface to all the users.

Features of iPhone Simulator

  • One of the best features of iPhone Simulator is that it offers exceptional graphics quality to the users.
  • It lets the users test various features on iPhone like the notepad, click, calculator, iOS system preferences and more.
  • Even the users can test drive some of the yet-to-be-developed apps to find out the major issues in it.

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  1. AIR iPhone

Air iPhone is the best iPad Emulator for PC that comes in a complete package. Using this emulator, you can even make calls; send voice messages and more with much ease. If you are looking for an emulator with an interface that represents the iPhone UI on Windows PC then, Air iPhone is a perfect choice.

Features of AIR iPhone

  • Using the Air iPhone Emulator, the users can easily download and install various iOS apps and games on Windows PC for free.
  • This emulator supports Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 versions of the operating
  • It is the best alternative emulator to iPadian iOS emulator.
  • Just like iPadian, Air iPhone is available for free of cost.

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  1. Appetize.IO

Appetize.IO is the best online iPhone emulator available for Windows PC.

Features of

  • This emulator enables the users to function various iOS apps on Windows device.
  • It acts as a testing tool for various apps provided only if you are a developer.
  • Using the free live iOS demo version, the users can make use of additional features available in the in-store.

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  1. Xamarian Testflight

Xamarian Testflight is unique compared to the iOS emulators listed before. Using this emulator, the users can create an iTunes account. Some of the amazing features of Xamarian Testflight Paid iOS Emulator for PC include the following.

  • It is not free software for the Windows platform.
  • This iOS emulator is truly useful for all the developers compared to the remaining iOS emulators.
  • It provides the best support and friendly user interface to all the iOS apps.
  • This emulator is compatible with various platforms such as Windows and MAC OS.

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  1. App.IO Emulator

App.IO Emulator is another best iPhone emulator available for all the Windows PC users. It allows the users to run different iOS apps on Windows device for free.

  • It has a simple to use user interface that allows you to run copious apps.
  • The users can easily sync the iOS app pack via
  • This iPad emulator for PC offers a free trial version of this emulator for about 7 days. After using it for a week, you can come to a conclusion whether to purchase it or not. This way, the users can purchase a premium version of App.iO emulator.
  1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is another best iOS Emulator available for all Windows users. The game lovers need not worry about playing iOS-compatible games on Windows PC. Using this iOS emulator, one can easily download their preferred iOS games on Windows devices.

Features of Nintendo 3DS Emulator

  • If you are a huge game lover then, you must require Nintendo 3DS emulator.
  • Using this emulator, you can play your favorite games absolutely for free of cost on your PC.
  • Through this software, it is possible to play 3D games and acquire an amazing gaming experience.
  • This software generates a virtual console on your Windows PC. It is quite simple to handle this emulator as it works pretty smooth.
  • Nintendo 3DS emulator is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac platforms.

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  1. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is the popular iOS emulator for Windows users. It works as the best Google Chrome extension that operates on the cloud OS. It renders notable features to all the users like the ability to use Siri without purchasing an iPad. With just a single click, one can create their personal apps in no time, run different web services and more.

  • One can make use of the best features of Apple on iPad Simulator such as Siri. There is no necessity to pay for accessing such apps.
  • The users can easily use iPad simulator as an iOS emulator for Windows PC.
  • This software enables the users to drag and drop various iOS applications from the computer to iPad simulator.
  1. Ripple

Ripple is another best free iOS emulator for PC that helps the users to test various applications. In fact, it is a Chrome-based extension tool that can also be used as an iOS emulator. This emulator can be used for developing new applications.

  • Ripple is a cloud-based iPhone emulator that comes in support with various iOS applications.
  • This iOS emulator works on different versions of the iOS operating system.
  • It is one of the excellent alternatives to iPad emulator software.

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  1. iDos Emulator

iDos Emulator is another best iPad emulator available for all the Windows users. It renders an excellent iOS experience for all the users, especially on the Windows PC. The users can access this iOS emulator for PC without having to spend any money. It offers the best user interface and pretty simple to use specifically for the beginners.

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  1. Remote iOS Simulator

Remote iOS Simulator is one of the best software programs designed and developed by Xamarian. One can easily test various iOS applications on Windows PC using this emulator. This emulator helps the users to debug it with the help of Windows Visual Studio Enterprise. As it offers a simple user interface, one can easily navigate through this app at great ease.

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  1. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid iOS emulator for PC available for all the Windows platform users. This emulator allows users to run or operate iOS apps on Windows devices. It might be expensive in terms of the cost but you can experience the best quality and features on this software. This emulator helps the developers to design and develop various iOS apps through various coding languages. This software requires much more RAM size compared to the remaining iOS emulators. The cost of Electric Mobile Studio is $39.99 per month. There is a free trial version of this iPhone emulator available for all the users for about 7 days. Once you test this emulator for a week, you can decide whether to purchase it or not.

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Best iOS Emulators for MAC

Till now, you have seen the best free and paid iOS emulators for Windows PC. Now, you can check out the best iPad emulators for MAC platform.

  1. Appetize.iO

This is one of the best iPhone emulators available for both Mac and Windows platforms. The users can easily run their favorite iOS apps on Mac book.

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  1. Xamarin

It is another best Apple product that offers the best quality and features to all the Mac users. This emulator enables users to run and test various iOS apps on Mac and Windows devices.

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Here ends the list of the best and top 16 iOS Emulators for PC for various versions of Windows PC. Through these best iOS emulators, one can download their preferred apps from iTunes app store to their Windows 8/10 PC or Laptop. We have even included the best iPhone emulators for Mac devices. Hope this guide has given you adequate information about various emulators for Windows PC and Mac platforms. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below.

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