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An IP Address or Internet Protocol address is a unique address given to the device connected to the internet. It uses the internet protocol for communication and hence, is called an IP Address. Different appliances use different IP addresses.

The address is linked to all the online activity you do and is all processed in milliseconds. Its action is like a return address on a letter. Whenever you send a request into the internet, it is sent with an IP address, that way it knows where to send it back. Thus, the reference to the return address.

Your IP Address is also based on your geographical location. Therefore, it will know where to send the response catered to your location. That is how you get recommendations of local restaurants when you search ‘restaurants near me.’

If you are curious, you can google ‘what is my IP address,’ and Google will show you the IP address. Although, you can not access all the powers of the router if you do not have full administrative control.


 What Is IP Address: IP Username And Password IP address is one of the IP addresses. It uses around 65,536 addresses, most of which are geared towards personal use. It has an IP range of This range is reserved for broadcast transfers of data specifically for public use. You can get access to more than 253 IP addresses with the router IP address.

Login Admin


Router IP Address

Steps To Login To IP Address:

Step 1:  Open your browser and enter your IP address in there. Which, for this case, will be

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Step 2: It will open up a blank screen. Replace it with Remember, do not use www. in any case.

Step 3: Usually, to avoid any hindrances with logging in, the router’s default username and password will be username and password, respectively. However, this might be different for different people. Get your username and password from the user guide and enter them.

Step 4: It will give you access to the administrative console. Enter the new customized username and password instead of the default ones. It is necessary for security.

Step 5: This way, you will get access to the admin panel of the IP address and will be able to gain complete freedom and can do whatever you want with it. You can later configure the advanced settings according to your need.

Default username & password combinations for devices that use as their default IP address

This list will show you the most used default usernames and passwords for the device IP

# Username Password
1 admin admin
2 (blank) (blank)
3 admin (blank)
4 admin airlive
5 Administrator (blank)
6 admin password
7 (blank) admin
8 admin (user set)
9 3play 3play
10 admin 1234
11 admin telus
12 root 0P3N
13 admin hamlet
14 n/a n/a
15   admin



If you still have some issues after following the steps mentioned above, you can use Ping to network troubleshooting. Or else, you can make sure you are connected to the wi-fi properly.

You can also restart the devices connected to the router. Or you can try unplugging and re plugging the router. If it does not work, turn off your firewall. These steps should work as a great alternative.

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If you cannot access your login info, it is sometimes situated at the base of the router. Otherwise, the company’s user guide or manual will provide you with all the information about configuring the router.

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