The India China Stand Off-Views from the ground

For about a month now, the India-China stand off has been in news. Various experts have given diverse opinions on it. While some foresee a full fledged conflict, majority of them agree that both India and China cannot afford a ‘war-like situation’.
India have always had a rocky relationship with china and these stand offs are nothing new. Such incidents have occurred in the Indo-China border states. In 1962, it in fact became a full blown war between the two nations.
We went down to the field to ask around on what their views were on the escalating conflict. People from North East, especially those in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam have been at the receiving end of the conflict. Like a resident of Assam tells me, “In 1962, they crossed our place in Assam and reached up till Tezpur. We definitely don’t want a repeat of that and wish that things are sorted out amicably between both the nations, before it is converted into an unpleasant war’
Similarly another resident shares her fear with me and highlights that if war breaks out, China might release water into the Brahmaputra which will flood the villages downstream. According to her, there has been occasions earlier when China has done that.
A resident from Arunachal (name withdrawn on request) highlights that as a resident of the Hilly state, they have always had to deal with such conflicts. He comments that China has previously drawn parts of Arunachal Pradesh into their Map, which the Indian govt. did not outrage against. To him, India should not engage the game of rhetoric and make proactive attempts to resolve the conflict.
A political commentator had a different look to it and highlighted that these conflicts have been the primary reason behind the increased militarization of the NE states. The govt. of India has steadily increased its military presence in the North East.

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