Opposition of Bodoland one of the main demands : ULFA

Ending month-long speculation about demands to be raised by ULFA (United Liberation Front Of Asom) during its much hyped talks with Indian government, ULFA has come out with few demands like special status for Assam. Another important and significant demand by ULFA is opposing the separate Bodoland Demand by ABSU ( All Bodo Student Union).

Sashadhar Chowdhury, the outfit’s ‘foreign secretary’, in an interview to CNN-IBN news channel, said the group’s ‘basic demand will be to overhaul the constitution because that is the sovereign instrument with which a country is governed’.

He said after the peace talks, the group would ensure that ‘no one goes back to the jungle again, takes up arms again, start a fresh insurgency’.

‘We will ensure that we Assamese should come to Delhi on our own terms,’ he added.
Speaking on Barua, Chowdhury said the general council of the ULFA has with an overwhelming majority mandated talks with the government of India ‘without any pre-conditions’.

‘So ULFA is bound to talk. We have sent all our resolutions to him (Paresh Barua). It will take some days to reach his camp. Everything will depend on his official remark. Till now, someone is reacting on his behalf – we don’t know who. So, when Paresh Barua’s official remark reaches our chairman (Arabinda Rajkhowa), he will take a decision on him. Till the, Paresh Barua remains our honourable Commander-in-Chief.’

Opposition of Bodoland seems to be echo of popular Assamese speaking community in Assam which have been opposing any more division of Assam. Also, Assamese speaking community in Assam have been opposing even the autonomous councils or proposed sixth schedule to various other tribes like Misings, Deuri etc.

It will be interesting to watch development in Assam when ULFA is siding with majority Assamese speaking community and opposed Bodo’s demand of Bodoland.

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