India Today does not know Manipur and Mizoram are two different states in India

While it is routinely accused that central government treats its North East part of India step-motherly, recently Indian national media is also accused of ignoring news related to North East India. Also, it is quite common belief in North East India that, people in ‘mainland’ India are ignorant about this part of India.

Aroon Purie thinks Manipur is Mizoram

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In recent edition of India Today (September 6, 2010), such ignorance has been noticed where Aroon Purie, ‘The Editor’ in chief and Ravi Shankar, ‘Editor At Large’ uses Manipur and Mizoram interchangeably! When a reputed publication like India today makes such mistake, it is quite understandable that, national media ignores North East routinely!

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In its editorial, Aroon Purie writes, “In Manipur, the state has banned citizens from buying a car unless they have residential parking”, while Ravi Shankar writes ” the Mizoram government has decreed that only those with garages may own cars”, on page 41 of September 6, 2010 issue.

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Correct News on Mizoram

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It may be mentioned that, the Mizoram figures in their cover story about “Traffic Jam” in India and Mizoram was in news recently when Mizoram government has made it mandatory to have parking space before buying a car.

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