Akhil Gogoi : David of Assam ?

Recently, Assam has been witnessing unprecedented news coverage on him and netizens of Assam or NRA ( No Resident Assamese) has been actively discussing about Akhil Gogoi Versus Himata Biswa Sharma on every internet forum!

Akhil Gogoi has history of taking on Goliyaths since his days in Cotton College! Many may not have noticed him when the first year TDC English major student with Mongoloid hair and features with short height entered ARB Hostel in 1993! But when he left Cotton College, he was magazine secretary for one year, General Secretary of the prestigious college! Himanta Biswa Sharma was also General Secretary of Cotton College some 6 years before Akhil Gogoi!

Himanta Biswa Sharma went on to become one of the most successful and powerful cabinet minister of Congress government in Assam, while Akhil Gogoi became undisputed farmer leaders in upper Assam where he has huge mass following!

Finally their path crossed and now they find leveling charges and counter charges against each other with all media in Assam having filed day! As per recent news trends, Akhil Gogoi may be having the upper hand, but no one can take Himanta Biswa Sharma lightly who has been AASU leader turned Congress leader!

In this fight between David and Goliyath, we can hope, people of Assam will be more enlightened politically as well rights as Indian citizens!

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