NSCN-IM will never accept Indian Constitution

Strongly reacting to the statement made by Union Minister of State for Planning Ashwani Kumar that the solution to the Naga political issue has got to be found within the framework of the Indian Constitution, NSCN (IM) retorted that, it will not accept Indian Constitution under any circumstances.

NSCN ( IM) has also termed Ashwani Kumar’s comment “an irresponsible statement” and which may hamper current peace talks to resolve half-a-century old Indo-Naga conflict.

Two days ago, Kumar, who was in Nagaland to campaign for SC Jamir for the Aonglenden constituency by-poll had said at a press conference that “The Government of India is prepared for a wide ranging talks with the Naga people on finding an honourable and mutually acceptable solution (to the Naga issue) within the framework of the Indian Constitution.”

Replying to a query raised by the media that Naga groups have been seeking the solution to the Naga issue outside the Indian Constitution, Kumar re-asserted that the Government of India has been very clear from the start about its stand on the matter. “No elected government which has vowed to uphold the Constitution and has pledged to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the nation will go against the Constitution. Therefore, the Naga problem has to be solved within the Constitution only,” Ashwani Kumar stated.

NSCN-IM further clarified that, there is no such agreement between NSCN-IM and Government Of India the the Indo-Naga solution would be withing framework of Indian Constitution.

The Naga outfit said from the historical point of view the “imposition” of Indian Consitution “upon the Nagas” was the beginning of the Indo-Naga conflict and for the Nagas that can never be the solution.

As usual, the Indo-Naga peace process is moving ahead with hiccups in between.

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