Today is Ningol Chakouba Festival in Manipur

Today ( 28th October) is Ningol Chakouba Festival in Manipur which is yearly observed on second day of the New Moon in the Manipuri month of Hiyangei which falls October/November.
Ningol -Chakkouba which means “grand feast arranged for sisters” is kind of “sisters day” – the great festivity of the sisters or daughters of Manipur.

The sisters who are married off to distant places are invited back to parental home and a feast is organised and gifts exchanged.

This festival is mainly observed by Meitei Vaishnavites. This festival signifies core family unity among families in Manipur.

This festival has also been observed at the state level through the patronage of the Government of Manipur and it has been declared as the state holiday. Thus this festival bears the significance of unity and love and peace and harmony among the people of Manipur.

More about this festival here :

We wish evey one a Happy Ningol Chakouba, May this year’s Ningol Chakouba Festival bring love, peace & prosperity in both the Hills and Valley in Manipur.

And wish the economic blockade comes to an end, soon

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