Economic Blockade in Manipur

There has been history of economic blockade in Manipur where only connecting highway to Imphal valley, where almost 80% population of Manipur state live, is blocked severing supply of essentials from rest of the country. Manipur is a border state in North East India which is connected to rest of India through just one highway, NH 2, previously NH39.

Manipur Economic Blockade

Manipur Economic Blockade

This highway passes through hill districts of Manipur and connects Assam via Kohima and Dimapur. There is also another NH 37 ( previously NH 53) which connects Assam and rest of country via city of Silchar of Assam which passes through hill districts of Manipur.

Meitei people live in Imphal Valley while ethnic Naga communities live in hill districts of Manipur. Recently, there has been opposition by Naga tribes against three ILP related bills which were passed in Manipur Assembly. In order to oppose such bills, various Naga organisations have started economic blockade again from midnight of Jun 9 for 10 days.

This blockade has started taking tolls now in Imphal valley where prices of essentials have gone up. Onions are selling at Rs. 40 per KG while this time there is not much shortage of fuel. But if this blockade continues fuel will also become scarce in coming days.

There is also counter economic blockade by people of the valley to hill districts being imposed along Imphal-Ukhrul road, Yairipok and Tidim Road.

This economic blockade and counter blockade has taking place for last few years and there is no solution visible to this issue. This blockade creates hardships for daily wage earners.

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