Devendro Singh Laishram lost in Quarter Finals

Devendro Singh Laishram, another boxer from Manipur, lost quarter final match against Paddy Barnes of Ireland 18 to 23 points. Devendro Singh went behind his opponent in first two rounds while he could score two more points in the final round.

In the second round, Devendro Singh was warned and got two points deducted making the score 10-5 in favour of Paddy Barnes. In the first round, Paddy Barnes was ahead by two points 5-3.

In the final round, Devendro Singh Laishram came back strongly and eventually scored 8-6 in favour of him, but Paddy Barnes, 25 years old, broze medal winner in last Olympic in Beijing was intelligent to play defensive as he was already ahead by 7 points after two rounds.

Devendro Singh is 20 years old and serves in India Army.

We wish him success in future and hope he would win medals in his next tournaments.

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