North East India Problems : A Mainlander’s view

My wife is an Angami ( a Naga tribe) from Nagaland and I am a Tamil Brahmin! Over the period of 10 years of courtship with her I have immersed in learning of geo-politics and history of the north east and in my personal opinion north east is facing what I call ‘AFRICANIZATION’ rather ‘Balkanization’ the reason behind this is, during the first decade of independent, India NEFA region ( Assam ) was present which later on after various accords broke down into different states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalay etc. and look at each state now we have hill councils!

The root cause of the North East problem back in the fifties and even in 2011 remains single ie, CARRYING FORWARD OF THE BRITISH POLICY BY THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT OF LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF THE ASPIRATIONS OF THE VARIOUS COMMUNITIES IN NORTH EAST, mainland Indians (with no fault of theirs) fail to understand the historical identity of Nagas, Mizos, Garos, Khasis etc. as the time passed by the lower count of various ethnic populations withdrew the steam from an armed fight against the Indian government adding on to that extortion by various underground groups has reduced the fight for freedom into a mafioso type law and order problem in Nagaland, Manipur and Karbi hill districts.

This has dealt a death blow to the confidence of various ethnic communities a lot of youngsters have lack of confidence in there own abilities have started to accept India as a lesser evil compared to the warring factions of NSCN IM, Kor U or KNLDF or a PREPAK.The Nagas and Manipuris want freedom but have nowhere to turn to and all the way India government has de-recognized the right to sovereignty of these people and instead look into provide more funds in the hope that these areas will develop the same case as in African countries where European powers grant aids in the hope of some development.I go to Nagaland every year I run businesses there I find Nagas the most hospitable honest and innocent people.

I think with globalization and planned development north east will come to fore ..what others have been discussing largely is people to people behaviour with folks from north east which will change with better education and more inter community exposure which takes some time ..the larger question is what right does the union of India has to decide for the rights of Nagas, Manipuris or Kukis? please be in there shoes and think why did Indians fight for freedom against the British.. Why Nagas cannot take care of there own issues why they need India? if smaller countries like Bhutan, Swiss and Luxembourg can be independent why not Nagalim, Manipur and Tripura can be sovereign outside the framework of Indian constitution? sorry for a politically long post! feel free to give opinions.

Sent to us as comment to Does the North-East Belong in India ? by Dr. Vivek R Iyer of White Smyle, India’s first Dental Spa and Clinic. We felt it deserves to be an article rather than a comment.


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