North East People harassed in Delhi during Chinese President’s India visit

With heightened security arrangement in New Delhi for BRIC ( Brazil, Russia India and China) summit being held in New Delhi, people from North East India are getting harassed by Delhi Police because of their facial similarity with Tibetans.

Delhi Police is trying to prevent Tibetans from protesting in front of visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao. So, most probably, in order to please visiting Chinese President, citizens from North East India are getting harassed.

“Reports of harassment came from markets, residential areas and streets. In some cases, citizens were stopped on the street and taken to the police station for questioning.

“Three of us were going to Hauz Khas when our auto was stopped near Humayun’s Tomb. When we said we were from Manipur , the cops asked us to show our passports. I am an Indian living in Delhi for four years. Why should I carry my passport? I was made to feel unwelcome in my own country,” said a 25-year-old woman who did not wish to be named.

Some employees at eateries in Khan Market were even taken to the police station. “Around a dozen people from north-eastern states who are employed in various eateries and shops in Khan Market were picked up for questioning. Most of them were released immediately after they provided their identification papers. Three girls who did not have any papers on them were taken to the police station, from where they were later released as their employers vouched for their credentials ,” said Sanjeev Mehra, Khan Market association president.
“The BRICS summit has been accorded top security status . There is a very high threat from Tibetan elements and we are just trying to ensure that no Tibetan national comes to the venue and does an act that embarrasses the nation,” said special CP (law and order) Dharmendra Kumar.

Reports Indrani Basu in Times Of India.

It may be difficult for Delhi Police to differentiate between Tibetans and North Eastern people, but it is expected them know that Indians citizens do exist who look like Tibetans and treat them with sensitivity. People from North East India have been complaining for long about being treated foreigners in Delhi as well as other cities in mainland India.


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