Two reasons why Himanta Biswa Sharma should be given a chance

Recently, there has been attack going n constantly against Himanta Biswa Sharma. Notable opponent are Mr. Akhil Gogoi, KMSS leader who needs no introduction and Mr. Bhuban Pegu, an independent MLA from Jonai who supported Congress Government in Assam during its initial formation period.

Without going into details of merits for attacking HBS ( as Himanta Biswa Sharma is popularly known in internet forums), there are two reasons why HBS should be spared and continue in his work, specially his work in Guwahati and Health sector in Assam.

1. About Guwahati

After HBS has taken over GMDA, Guwahati has witnessed Assamese youths dominating business activities which was other wise dominated by non-Assamese community. It may be unethical undemocratic or what ever, the point is, Assamese youths are getting employed, are being part of growing business activities in Guwahati and it will surely benefit Assamese society in the long run. In the short term, it may benefit few of the Assamese youths, but in the long run, it will surely benefit Assamese society as a whole.

2. Health Sector

Even enemies of HBS must admit that, he has done very well in health sector in Assam which no other Assamese minister had been able to do so far. It has benefited many poor Assamese cutting across caste, community lines. Many government hospitals are now equipped with many modern facilities which were unthinkable even few years ago.

So, for the greater benefit of Assamese society, HBS should be allowed to continue his good work as a minister and attempt of his character assassination should be moderated if not stopped by fellow Assamese people.

Source : Various excerpts from Internet forums.


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