Mising tribal youths stabbed in Silapathar, Assam

The news reports of April 17, 2017 in Assamese dailies says that five persons which include teenagers from Dighali village were tied up in a tree at Gelua Tinali near Silapathar in Dhemaji district of Assam and stabbed by knives after a minor scuffle with immigrant Muslim settlers in the evening of April 14, 2017. The teenagers named Takuli Mili, 16 and Matang Morang, 17 from Dighali village were returning from market centre after doing a television recharge and reportedly had altercation with immigrant settlers who are engaged in cattle trade. Other youths who came to rescue too were tied up and stabbed. The injured youths were admitted in Dhemaji civil hospital in night itself. The youth belongs to ethnic minorities group called Mising. They are recognized as Miri Schedule Tribe under Indian constitution. Police arrested 11 persons out of the 19 persons involved in the stabbing incident in 48 hours as pre-emptive measure to prevent inter-group conflict. It is said that the following morning tribal villagers came to immigrant Muslim village looking for the tormentors but police fired bullets on air and teared gas shell to disperse the agitated people. The district administration clamped Section 144 /curfew but in between one cowshed and a dome of paddy straw was lit with fire.

The local legislative member, Bhubon Pegu took a stick and engaged along with police in dispersing the agitated villagers, the dailies reports. The women folk took to protest alleging that even after four days all the persons involved in the gruesome incident were not arrested by police.
The recent audacious stabbing on Mising youths in Gelua over simple incident of quarreling may be a part of wider terror network influenced by Jihadi ideology and Wahhabi backed Sharia laws. Otherwise, they could have used sticks to commit the crime instead of knives. Wahhabi means a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–92). It advocates a return to the early Islam of the Koran and Sunna, rejecting later innovations; the sect is still the predominant religious force in Saudi Arabia. The use of knives and sharp weapons over verbal squabble resembles to attacks on rationalist writers and bloggers in Bangladesh and other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, ISIS controlled areas of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria. They might wanted to impose Sharia like laws on experimental basis to peaceful and ignorant Mising villagers to see the reaction of Mising people and their ethnic organizations which is beyond tribal prism and outlook as Muslim are part of bigger religious global community. Muslim ways of life and religion is not known much to Mising people as they are relatively new settlers in Mising areas.

Mising youth stabbed

The immigrant Muslims, who are into cattle business and less educated are easily influenced by those ideology that are spread by sinister anti-national forces. The Gelua attack seems a REVENGE attack on the pretext of quarrel to Mongoloid tribals as they don’t differentiate between Bodos or Misings, who is peaceful or violent, it is not a matter to them.Muslim immigrants have faced attacks and killings in Bodoland, BTAD. Bodo tribal too have faced retaliatory attacks in the form of killings and burning of houses. For them, we are “others” and tormentors, they have attacked on preferably peaceful tribe who has no armed militia unlike many other tribes in northeast India. The Wahhabi influenced Muslim see non-Muslim believers as Kafirs in their strict religious term where killings of non-Muslim is permitted according to interpretation of their laws. Killing, maiming or harming non-Muslim/Kafir is not anti-Islamic or injustice for them. Years of co-existence in Mising areas has given the kind of impression and confidence that they can at least send an intended message: fear psychosis without collateral damage who has already developed cordial ties with certain local groups and influential persons including making relatives through inter-marriage with local girls. By staying as neighbours, they might have read the minds of calm Mising and knows how does ethnic national organizations works.
The local political representatives has not taken any stand publicly regarding the stabbing of tribesmen . It looks that what Bharat Narah and Ranee Narah, Congress politicians (who patronized settlement of immigrant Muslims in tribal belts and blocks violating land laws in upper Assam) did , the same has been repeated by current leaders in the name of secularism and left liberalism. Even Europe with the highest ideals of liberalism who has openly embraced Muslim refugees from conflict ridden countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq has not been able to control Islamic violence such as attacks by cars, trucks and knives. There are cases of rapes and mass molestation on girls in the West too.
It seems that Mising are alone as no other local community organizations have aired even a word of condemnation in the press. The regional Assamese electronic media (and national media) seems that it had blackout the entire incident as it involved tribals whereas the case of student unions’ office vandalism by Bengali Hindu refugee outfit in the same Silapathar area was covered with much depth and analysis on daily basis that took place a month ago on March 6, 2017. The tribal people are minorities of minorities in terms of population in Assam. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, have bigger population than the aboriginal settlers. The Mising are less than a million in Assam. The growing threat of rights violation and torture by immigrant settlers who were once sheltered by Mising themselves and whose land are subsequently acquired throws question of security to smaller communities in Assam.

It is very interesting to note that this news stopped immediately and all authorities seem to side with those immigrants and trying to protect them.

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