Flood in Assam : 2016

As he monsoon began, season of flood in Assam has also began. The first wave of flood started in last week of April 2016 in which at least one lac people were affected in upper Assam areas and cut off few districts of Arunachal Pradesh from the rest of the country. Due to incessant rain in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, more than one lac people have been affected again in Dehmaji, Jorhat districts in Assam.

Flood in Assam

Flood in Assam

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As usual, river island, Majuli is cut off for the rest of of the state by road as ferry services has been suspended due to flowing of Brahmaputra above danger level.

Jiadhal, known as tears of Dhemaji, Jhanjimukh in Jorhat district have been worst affected so far. World famous, Kaziranga National Park, famous for its one horned Indian Rhino is already flooded and animals are now taking shelter in highway ( Assam Trunk Road) which goes through it. Assam Forest Department has imposed speed limit of 40KM per hour in this Kaziranga Stress.

Flood has been yearly affair and its has become almost uncontrollable since 1950 after the big earthquake which has decreased the depth of the river in Upper Assam. Also it rains a lot in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam during monsoon which causes flooding.

With new government in place which has come to power on promise of ‘Change’, most probably, one can expect some changes. The new NDA government at the center and the state have started many ambitious four lane road projects in Upper Assam, Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Majuli which may help reduce effect of flood.

With penetration of smartphones and social media like Twitter and Facebook, real time pictures, news of flood in remote areas of Assam are now days available instantly. This should also help highlight yearly flood situation in Assam and government may take concrete policies and implement to tackle this yearly flood problem.

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