Akhil Gogoi against voting for Congress

Finally, as on expected like, Akhil ‘Andolan’ Gogoi has joined Assam Assembly Election 2011 by urging voters not to vote for Congress! He alleges that Congress has not been able to anything to root out corruption in the state, so no vote for Congress.

Incidentally, he has not appealed to vote any particular party! The firebrand KMSS ( Krishak Mukit Sangram Samiti) has also added that many ministers in Tarun Gogoi cabinet are involved in corruption.

The KMSS leader said the chief minister signed many MOUs with the Centre and Asian Development Bank (ADB) which compelled the state government to abolish posts in many government departments.

Expressing concern over the state’s unemployment problem, Akhil alleged that the chief minister had not takes

any initiative to create government posts during the last ten years.

“In the industrial sector, 15 public sector industries have been closed and another 12 are set to sown shutters. As a result, a total number of 24,777 employees are going to lose jobs,” added Akhil. Akhil alleged that the Congress government has failed in every sphere of development in the state.

Source : Times Of India

Most probably, Akhil Gogoi’s appeal may influence some voters in Golaghat districts as well as some online romantic youths in city areas. But, it may not affect voting pattern in Assam much.


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