AASU extortion allegation, donation, vandalism of Vishal Megamart

As per recent report, AASU ( All Assam Student Union) activists vandalised Vishal Megamart, a low cost shopping mall chain, at many cities across Assam yesterday demanding their public apology for leaking a tapped conversation between Vishal Megamart executive and AASU advisor, Samujjal Bhattacharyya. The tap was leaked by some newly formed student body in Guwahati where many quarters alleged that AASU is extorting money in the name of donation.

AASU leaders retorted that they collect donations from various business house in Assam and there is nothing wrong in collecting donations. Concerned citizens opine that, the contribution of AASU in socio-cultural causes in Assam.

It may be mentioned that AASU has been providing various services like admission forms from Delhi based Colleges and distributing free in Guwahati, providing financial assistance to needy and poor students apart from conducting rally against price rise, corruption etc.

But it is well known that almost all student organisations in Assam, be it AASU or student wings of political parties routinely collect ‘donations’ from various business houses in Assam for long years now. Most probably, it is the first time, this kind of ‘telephonic conversation’ about donation has been recorded, made public by some rival student organisation and this kind of donation has been termed as ‘extortion’.

While it may be difficult to draw a line between ‘extortion’ and donation in case if ‘scam hit’ India, but business houses in Assam as well as North East India have been selling every product higher then MRP ( Maximum Retail Price) in every town. Business houses have also been fixing their prices as per their whim and fancies, while government has been unable to rein them in. ( Trade Body announces price increase of essential commodities in Assam as posted earlier).


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