Nyishi Students Union demands removal of Sentinel Office from Itanagar

All Nyishi Students Union ( ANSU ) has demanded that the Sentinel Arunachal Office be removed from Nyishi inhabited areas like Itanagar and other areas. ANSU has also demanded that Arunachal Press Club and CEO of the newspaper in question Jarpum Gamlin resign from his post as president of the club.

It may me mentioned that, on fourth May 2011, Times of India published an article about Nabum Tuki, PCC president and PWD minister, who lost the race to Chief Minister as “Nyishi tribe which doesn’t enjoy good rapport among other tribes” to which Nabum Tuki belongs.

The Union further in an ultimatum to state Chief Secretary demanded that Pradeep Thakur, the journalist who is credited to have written the piece be arrested within 48 hours and clarify on what basis the story was filed.

All Nyishi Students Union ( ANSU ) demanded an apology from Times of India and which Times Of India issued an apology.

Nyishi is the second largest Tani tribe after Misings and largest single tribe in Arunachal Pradesh with population more than 3lacs.

Nyishis were known to take fines even for bruise after collision between bike and car, and demand outrageous price for a hen killed in accident where the price of the hen is calculated on the basis of its future eggs and offspring. But these practices have now reduced after advent of education in Nyishi areas.

Nyishi inhabited areas were the last in Arunachal Pradesh where education and development reached. Nyishis still like to carry their traditional ‘Dao’ with them which may scare outsiders.

Nyishi follow Donyi Polo religion like any other Tani tribes as well as any converted now to Christianity.


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